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Only 1 in 25 black women are C-suite executives. And for every men promoted to manager from entry-level, only 68 Latinx and 58 black women are promoted. The Women in the Workplace report reveals findings from surveying participating organizations that employ 13 million people and more than 68, employees. Continue on to Fast Company to read the complete article. Kierstein was formerly vice president of fundraising and development for a national non-profit whose focus was assisting small-business owners in starting, running and growing their businesses.

Their enthusiasm and passion finally rubbed off and I made the decision to join them and live the American dream. In Floor Coverings International, Kierstein found a company that has tripled in size since by putting a laser focus on consumer buying habits and expressed desires, its impressive operating model, growth ability, marketing, advertising and merchandising.

That struck a chord with Kierstein. For information on a franchise visit flooring-franchise. I think of power and influence as the ability to make decisions, control resources, and shape perspectives. It is something women exercise in their homes, in their workplaces, and in their communities.

Still, I use these words, imperfect and imprecise though they are, because they are the best way I know to describe what men in this country — in particular, white men — have long had that women have not. Continue on to Geekwire to read the complete article. With over 12, certified minority-owned businesses representing millions of consumers, NMSDC is the largest and most successful non-profit advocating for minority entrepreneurs in the country. The conference draws over 6, minority-business owners and corporate partners from around the nation.

Some 1. Click here for the full conference schedule.

My first-ever Manifesting Challenge starts on January 1st!

Why: Economic inclusion for all Americans is one of the most critical issues of our time. To meet the growing need for supplier diversity, NMSDC matches its more than 12, certified minority-owned businesses to our network of more than 1, corporate members who wish to purchase their products, services and solutions.

NMSDC, a unique and specialized player in the field of minority business enterprise, is proud of its unwavering commitment to advance Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American suppliers in a globalized corporate supply chain. With dozens of new brands entering the market each month and its own National holiday on August 8, CBD is quickly penetrating the daily lives of consumers. Between the proliferating field of options and the wide array of formula choices and strengths, how do consumers know where to start?

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How much should they take? In what form, and how often?

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In a sea of CBD brands, Equilibria — launched this year—offers personalized dosage support led by veteran cannabis educators and unparalleled quality from their exclusive bioscience partner—all to advance the mission of balance for women. CBD as a service — personalized dosage support for all members. A year-old working mother with insomnia and exacerbated stress during her period. A year-old plagued with chronic pain whose arthritis prevents her from playing with her grandkids. CBD is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Female body chemistry, age, metabolism, health goals, and current medications influence the amount of CBD they need and how often they should take it. With daily and consistent use, CBD can change lives. Products and services focus on restoring balance to the lives of women. To offer clinical support and maximum therapeutic benefits requires that Equilibria have complete confidence and transparency into the consistency and mquality of their supply chain.

Equilibria is proud to join forces in an exclusive partnership with CFH, LTD—a leading bioscience firm and industrial hemp producer in Longmont, Colorado.

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These science- oriented and data-driven leaders needed to know that every step of the process was optimized for consumer safety and medical-grade results. They chose to partner with CFH and work together as partner companies with shared ownership—because they recognized the CFH team was as passionate about traceability, consistency,and results as they were. Our capsule collection will fuse her eclectic style with the Americana spirit of our brand.

This is why I am proud to partner with Tommy Hilfiger. Continue on to USA Tommy to read the complete article and view collection.


In the nearly 30 years since she danced her way onto our screens as a Fly Girl on In Living Color , Jennifer Lopez has evolved into an award-winning, record-breaking, history-making phenomenon. A force to be reckoned with in every industry she enters—be it dance, music, TV or film—the star has also made strides in the business world, intertwining her marketability with her personal persona and riding her brand all the way to the bank. The consummate boss lady, Lopez has leveraged a thorough understanding of her personal brand and identity to generate several multi-million-dollar business enterprises.

It is a tactic that, according to the successful multi-hyphenate, is key to longevity. Lopez first flexed her business muscle in , when she launched her eponymous clothing and accessories line, J. Lo by Jennifer Lopez.

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  5. I work. I want comfort, but I also want to feel sexy and modern. I think a lot of women want the same thing. Alongside then manager Benny Medina, the star co-founded Nuyorican Productions, a film and television production company, in The production house has developed a wide range of projects, from documentaries to primetime shows to online series, with Lopez often starring or serving in an executive producer capacity. The move jump-started the now common-place strategy of celebrities bringing their own namesake scents to the market.

    In the 17 years since its inception, Lopez has released 24 fragrances, with revenue in the billions.

    9 Lessons from a 6-Figure Beauty Brand That Launched in a Dorm Room — Case Studies

    She was back on the grind less than two years later, when she joined the judging panel on the tenth season of American Idol. The comeback served as the spark of a resurgence predicated on her undeniably successful personal brand that—nearly a decade later—has yet to falter. Armed with an ambitiously sharp business mind, an innate understanding of her brand, and a ferocious work ethic, Lopez has established herself as an obvious go-to for major companies looking to connect to consumers via a relatable feel coupled with a healthy dose of glamour.

    That fact alone points to her uncanny ability to connect with the masses using her high-profile status as a business asset for social commerce. To Lopez, that universal appeal serves as the potential foundation for creating wide-ranging business opportunities that have yet to be realized. And she most definitely will. Her companies boast a track record of success that surpasses Stanford graduates the stereotypical recipients of such funds and is predicated in part on her willingness to take risks.

    Lopez may have established herself as an entrepreneurial enigma through her mastery of multi-faceted platforms and her sheer intelligence in strategically building and managing her brand, but her talents and impact obviously extend well past the boardroom. She took the advice to heart, harnessing every opportunity to its full potential, smashing racial barriers, and side-stepping naysayers to become one of if not the most influential Hispanic performers in the United States.

    9 Lessons from a 6-Figure Beauty Brand That Launched in a Dorm Room

    The quadruple threat singer, actress, dancer, and producer has sold more than 80 million records in the last two decades, holding the record for releasing the first remix album—entitled J to tha L-O! The Remixes —to ever debut at No. Lo simultaneously in the United States. Her influence goes beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the recording studio, however. With her tenacious can-do attitude, persistent work ethic, and unapologetic boss lady branding, Jennifer Lopez has built a successful, multi-tiered legacy that is sure to stand the test of time.

    And she is confident there is even more to come. Instant access to Digital Magazine.

    Search for:. Develop a robust network The first thing potential investors will do is investigate you, the founder. Nina, I really recommend SJM for you!