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She is a blackbelt in Kung Fu and began working with flexibility when experts recognized her unique gift and range of motion. Her extensive experience is highlighted in these courses, designed to get you the same results as the top professionals. Connect with us.

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Vision Flexibility Makeover is designed to help you reach your full potential. Contact us info staceynemour.

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Flexibility Makeover - Rhythmic Gymnastics Series 1 & 2 (2 Intensive Courses Via Skype Session)

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Created with LearnWorlds. Enter your brand new password. Enter it below, please. Enter it once more, please. RSS Feed. Gym Starz, the Leading Gymnastics gym in Delaware. Home Classes Events Camps Facility. How gymnasts make people amaze like crazy? They can easily bend without breaking.


They can perform without bones! Being flexible really plays a big part in gymnastics. It is important to be successful in the sports. Without it, some moves and stunts will never be possible. Why is Flexibility Really Significant. Deductions may vary from level to level depending on what is basically required. Gymnasts need the right range of motion for them to be able to perform skills at different angles. Hip and shoulder flexibility is of top importance in this kind of sport.