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Elisabeth Hobbes writing in Redeeming the Rogue Knight is impeccable. This story entertained me from the start. The storyline which is fast-paced, character driven and adventurous made my reading experience as seamless as possible. All in all, a satisfying read for anyone who fancies historical romance!

All reviews posted originally on the blog: And even back in the old days when I did read a ton of historical romance, my comfort zone was the Western historicals. Frankly, I got a little bored with rakish earls, viscounts, and dukes. I also got tired of All reviews posted originally on the blog: I also got tired of having to look up a crap-load of terms about old-timey clothing just so I could understand what everyone was wearing.

Medieval romance is tough sell for some audiences. I mean, it takes a talented author to make love stories set in a time before simple things like penicillin, deodorant and tampons seem sexy. But against all odds, this author makes it work. He was an asshat in that book, and he started off as an asshat in this book. I consider that a win. Lucy was a fierce mama bear heroine. She did whatever it took and I mean whatever All in all, I thought she was the perfect woman to straighten out the stuck-up, somewhat entitled Sir Roger. Long-story-short, Redeeming the Rogue Knight is a tender and passionate medieval romance that fans of historicals should definitely check out.

We received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Feb 19, Laura Sefton rated it it was amazing. I was given a copy of the book ahead of publication in return for an honest review. In his first outing, he was a conniving, arrogant knight and the wonderful Elisabeth Hobbes had created a truly unlikeable character. Redeeming the Rogue Knight, however, allows Sir Roger to take centre stage and we see him as we've never seen him before We rejoin him in the house of Lord Harpur, where he and Thomas Carew are I was given a copy of the book ahead of publication in return for an honest review.

We rejoin him in the house of Lord Harpur, where he and Thomas Carew are staying. The pair have returned to the UK after a stint as mercenaries in France, and they are on a mission to deliver an important message from King Edward. But before they can make their delivery, they are attacked. Roger is wounded by an arrow and Thomas takes him to an inn, which is run by Thomas' sister, Lucy.

As Lucy tends to the knight's wounds, we discover the innkeeper's own past and how she has done everything she can to survive. Can Lucy change the knight's philandering ways?

Who said romance was dead?

And can he teach her to trust her heart again? If I can use one word to describe this book, it is 'smouldering'. The relationship between Roger and Lucy gently smoulders away, gradually flickering into a flame, and this makes for a slow build-up to romance.

We go along for the ride thinking we know how the tale will unfold, but there are moments when Hobbes genuinely blindsides us so that we feel the revelations being made by Roger about himself just as acutely as he is. This is a tale that cleverly continues the path taken by a character we thought we knew and sends him on a journey we do not expect.

Although Roger's carefree way with women hasn't changed, we see the impact Lucy has upon his conscience - and likewise Roger leads Lucy to see that all is not lost. Lucy herself is another strong-willed female character to add to Hobbes' collection of feisty females. However, Lucy has been damaged by men who have used, abused and abandoned her. We see that she will do anything for her child and this at once inspires sympathy and provokes a shocked reaction by the reader. There is one particular point in the story where I genuinely willed for Roger to appear before it was too late.

Ultimately, the element of redemption becomes the focal point for our two lovers, and this makes for an intriguing read that brings closure to Roger's story Aug 28, Rachel rated it it was amazing. After reading The Blacksmith's Wife it's safe to say I was intrigued by Roger's character and I couldn't wait to see how his story would turn out. Now I know that it is the second book in The Danby Brothers series but I still think it works well as a standalone.

However I think it is worth reading the series from the start just so you get to read Joanna and Hal's story. I really enjoyed both books for different reasons but in this story I loved the feisty interactions between Lucy and Roger. Thei After reading The Blacksmith's Wife it's safe to say I was intrigued by Roger's character and I couldn't wait to see how his story would turn out. Their first meeting is pretty memorable and from then on it is so entertaining when they clash and you get the resulting sparks flying. Roger has definitely met his match in Lucy and it was lovely to see his character develop.

When he isn't being bad tempered he has such a playful and flirty personality which was so much fun to see. It was so easy to completely become engrossed in this story.

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Lucy is the perfect person to stand up to Roger she hasn't had an easy life but tries her best and her strength is a wonderful attribute. With an added bit of danger to keep the characters on their toes the pacing of the story is great and I had finished this book in no time at all. Fiery interactions, witty writing and two wonderful characters makes this book so very entertaining!

With thanks to Elisabeth Hobbes for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion. Roger Danby and Thomas Carew have been earning a living as mercenary fighters in France.

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They are currently in Cheshire delivering a message from the King, who requests more troops for the war. Injured by an arrow, Thomas takes Roger to safety at his family inn. Since Thomas has been away, his father has d Redeeming The Rogue Knight is a medieval historical romance. Since Thomas has been away, his father has died leaving his sister and her young son alone to run the ale house. With men still after the pair, and Roger unable to travel further, Thomas takes off to lead the pursuers away.

He leaves his sister to tend Roger.

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Fearful of Roger, his wound and the trailing men, Lucy is reluctant to put herself and her son in any danger. She agrees to treat Roger, but shows her disapproval of his manners and his life, whilst hiding her attraction to the rogue. Forced to spend time with Lucy and her son, Roger begins to open his eyes to his past life and ask himself questions about his future. This is an enjoyable rags to riches romance following a popular story arc and I would recommend this to readers who like clean historical romance.

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Sep 14, Amy rated it liked it. If you want sex in your romance book, skip this one. There are only chaste kisses. Personally, I want the sex, so I knocked it down a star.

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I knocked this story down another star for the constant quotes in dialogue without recognizing who said what--I hate it when authors do that! It really bugs me when I have to guess at who made the quoted comment. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about In His Eyes , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3.

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